Befriending and Home Visit Team

Cleaning and cooking

Young man helping older man cook

Our team are happy to help with housework tasks, jobs that need doing around the house and or any work you have difficulty doing alone. 

Shopping and errands

woman with shopping cart full of goods.

Shopping is hard work, specially when you live by yourself. We are happy to do your weekly shop or help you with nearby errands that will make your life easier. 

Support with medical appontments

Nurses and patients with volunteer

Sometimes attending medical or health appointments can seem a little daunting, and we offer a hand to hold and company for your visit. 

General help and support

Volunteers handing flowers to woman

We want to make your life easier. Wether it involves heavy lifting, or just someone to speak to over a biscuit and a brew, our volunteers will be there for you. 

Sign up for our services

Whether it is yourself or someone close to you who needs our help, you can sign up for our services by using this form. We´ll be in touch!

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Important Information

**No one should be referred without prior family or client consultation. Please make sure the user has been asked before referral. **

Befriending/Home Visit

We welcome any donations

Home visits are expensive, and our goal is to keep providing quality services to more people, and we need your support. Donate today! 

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