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Widows Empowerment is found out of empathy for widows and has been driven by a firm belief in a universal idea: Our Love and Empathy connects us together. The Widows Empowerment is open to all faith , non-profit and NGO. It was founded January 2017 to prove an idea through a specific mission: Success to empower widows to interpret their dreams.

The death of a loved one brings grief and total restructure of one’s life. Life is a continuous battle for many widows in our community's regardless of  age, faith, religion, race, sexuality, disability,colour, tradition, and culture. Therefore, they often find these traits of life to be particularly depressing and frustrating to cope after the death of a loved one.Grieving is a long, slow process, it can take months or even years before someone returns to their normal self. ‘Sorrow for a husband is like a pain in the elbow. Sharp and short’. Grief never ends... but it changes. It is a passage not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness nor lack of faith, It is a price of love. The last thing any happily married person want is  not because the spouse or marriage is perfect but because they have found consistency and pattern and they are settle. Death of a spouse is a major setback, whereby both lives were intertwined, it leaves a massive void and life can easily become empty and meaningless.
Widows Empowerment do care about surrounding you with support, warmth community of so many others in your situation regardless of age. Our services are inclusives and can be accessed by all widow whether they are young or old Age does not make a difference when one is widowed?  Today, guided by the same mission that got us started, we have embraced the opportunity and responsibility to take on more widows because we support empathy in widows to understand their feelings, value, care ,love, compassion and intrinsic. Spread humanity and makes our world a much nicer place to live. This will enable widows to live again and integrate into the community.

We have expanded our mission and our programs and we are forging new exciting partnerships, Hand in hand with dedicated Nigeria community leaders, we are working to raising awareness in other part of Africa. The plight of widows are invariably exposed to suffering from neglect, abuse, Isolation, deprivation, discrimination and social exclusion. This to make sure widows have the comfort and support, they deserve and empowerment in order to thrive. This means we are also stepping onto the front lines to support widows in their grief journey to able to identify the challenges that can be tackled.We want a world that celebrates the support, empathy, compassion, humanity and intrinsic value of widows and work together to empower them with your support. Widows are now able to interpret their dreams and integrate into the society and transform the quality of life for themselves through comfort, support, friendship, research, and  raising awareness.

Widows Empowerment is an International and National charity in the UK for women who lost their spouses. In the UK, It is a face to face emotional and practical support to widows as they adjust to life after the death of their spouses. We are here to

bring back their confidence, warmth, comfort, and feel love in every aspect of their lives in order to thrive. This will empower them to integrity into the community​
We have lively workshop that meet for social group such as tea break, various classes for engagement of activities, We organise talk therapy (psychotherapist),  picnic and day out.


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