Our story and values

Our history and goals

The Widows Empowerment Trust was founded in January 2017 out of empathy for widows and widowers. The Trust was formed with a goal of empowering widows, promote social inclusion, supporting through grief and to fight isolation. 

 We are guided by a firm belief that our love and empathy can connect us all together despite age, religion, sexual orientation, race or culture. As an NGO and non-profit organisation, The Widows Empowerment Trust is open to people of all faiths, social backgrounds and abilities. We promote social inclusion, diversity and acceptance. 

Support through grief and battling isolation

The death of a loved one and the grieving process is different for everyone, but people who experience loss all have one thing in common: Their world is turned upside down and completely restructured, both emotionally, physically and sometimes economically. 

In the grieving process, it is normal for widows and widowers to withdraw even more from society, and face lonesome days with little support. Their usual habits and patterns seem to be crumbling around them, and life can seem scary and empty. This is where we come in. 

Widows Empowerment Trust wants to build a warm and caring support network around widows and widowers. To build a community where widowers and widows´ feelings and struggles are understood, no matter your age, we want to build a community of people who understand and people who want to help and support each other. 

Every day we aim to fulfil this goal, but we are also delighted that with time, the charity has grown into an institution that equally supports younger generations and aims to connect young with old to learn from each other.

Expansions and international projects

Although our main offices and operations are based in Manchester, we are eager to expand our reach and help people from other parts of the world as well. Hand in hand with dedicated leaders of the Nigerian community, we are working to raise awareness in this part of Africa. In this part of the world, we sadly often see widows suffer from neglect, abuse, isolation, deprivation, discrimination and social exclusion. We are stepping into the front lines to support, empower, educate and protect widows in these countries and to support them in their time of need and grief. 

Our community

We want a world that celebrates support, empathy, compassion, diversity and humanity. We find that educating and raising awareness amongst younger generations, along with supporting and taking time to understand the grieving process and the impact of losing a loved one creates a community that will be a kinder and warmer place for us all.