PROMOTING EQUALITY & VALUING DIVERSITY.we promote equality & diversity by treating volunteers faily.

We promote equality & diversity by treating all volunteers fairly.

Equipping volunteers into the skills and challenge inequality & discrimination in work place,study environment and in our community.

The widows empowerment trust is committed to providing equal opportunity to widows & families whom we work with.

we respect and value their differences to empower them in promote social inclusion and an inclusive culture to all our volunteers & student regardless age, religious,belief, set economice status, disability race,colour

The widows empowerment trust every step to address and eliminate unfairness,prejudice,discrimination wheres there is identified the organisation's procedures or practice.We understand the impact & nature of discrimination to health & wellbeing.our approach is governed by our values and valued,which is paramount to our organisation 

One of our major core value is the  understanding that we are individual and every person is defferent but equal.There we appreciate everyone potentials.


equality,daviersity and inclusion by BVS Training

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