I got a mental Health challenge, coming to this group has helped me a lot. I have learn a lot of skills in terms of sewing. Thank you for your support. I have made new friends and build back my confident



My name is Elizabeth, I am a widow. it was very lonely for me for years until I find my new family..The Widows Empowerment Trust. I made new friends, I enjoy coming to the class and always looking forward to the session. I enjoyed the social outing especially taking us out for a meal and cinema. This outing really helped my social well being and opportunity to visit the cinema. I have learn a lot of skills which has build my confident and trust to empower other widow's. Thank you for help me building my social skill


The love and affection you people show to me is in explainable. This organisation supported me socially, morally, financially, and emotional. I cannot thank the CEO enough and all the wonderful volunteers. it is unbelievable. please keep the good work of supporting the widows and widowers. people tends to forget us widows and it is not easy for us emotionally. thank you my new family.

This organisation brought back my forgotten talent. I used to knit more than 30years ago but I forgot all about it due to bad experience, meeting my new family, I bought back my skills. Thank you so much for your support. I do not regret knowing The Widows Empowerment Trust. I am a widow and it has been a traumatise experience for me but thank God I found this group


My name is Sherita Mandongwe founder the founder of Dimobi Children Disability  Trust. I am widow as some of you might already know, I lost my husband  two years ago with unexpected heart attack, it was a devastating  experience. The shock and disbelief has left me numb but at the same time the pain is indescribable. losing someone   you love is difficult, not only you have the pain of bereavement to cope with, but also you have been robbed of a future you were planning to share together. And you are most probably facing a huge assortment of practical challenges too, from raising children alone. I feel that I am not coping and at times feel as if I am getting worse each day. A painful, protracted end is the worst thing for all concerned. am grateful for my family and friends who was there for me, but forever grateful to Widows Empowerment  that supported.

Being a widow can be very isolating. you may feel like you are the only one going through this type of loss. Our society is not properly equipped to handle the grieving process, and you may feel awkward in social situations, especially if may of your friends and family members have significant others and can't relate to your experience

This organisation Widows Empowerment Trust is one the best organisations I have seen that support women who lost their loved ones in Manchester, their support is incredible, Widow Empowerment trust has helped me a lot of way through their counselling, numerous visits, hone calls and gifts. I have benefited a lot through Widows Empowerment they are always supportive and ready to help;they have lifted my spirit to carry on with life and to be strong for my family.

The single most important factor in healing from loss is having the support of others. it is important to express your feelings to those close to you who care. sharing your burdens makes them easier to bear, so you won't feel so alone in your time of greatest need. lets others help you by listening to your sorrows, assisting with aspects of your daily routine, support groups can help counter some of the loneliness that accompanier grief.

before I learnt of Widows Empowerment Trust, I felt alone with two children with austism. you know at times when you are a widow you feel isolated and socially excluded, that is exactly how I felt. Now I have met wonderful women at widows Empowerment Trust and finally feel complete and never feel alone. I always have women who can support me when I find the going tough. I can never thank you enough for your love and support.



Dear Oyowe and Richard,Just a few lines to say thank you for the kindness you've given to me over the past feew weeks while i was not very well.

I'm convinced that the visit you made to my flat helped me recover quicker.

So once again THANK YOU.



You were born to us widows it's hard without you. Thank you for your wonderful work      Anonymous

Good work thank you so much to be there for us widows



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