Members of Widows Empowerment Organisation at fundraising event

Why choose Widows Empowerment Trust?

We focus on improving the lifestyle of widows and widowers, but we are also a charity for younger generations. We want to build your confidence, knowledge and give you valuable work experience. 

Volunteering FAQ´s

Promoting equality and diversity

Although we are a charity for the well-being and social inclusion of widows and widowers, this is far from our only passion. 

The Widows Empowerment Trust works to promote diversity and equality  and wants people to feel included and cared for no matter who they are. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all our volunteers and our widows, widowers and their families.  

We are committed to treating you fairly and equally no matter your age, religion, sexuality, economic status, disability, race and colour. 

We also promise to address and eliminate any unfairness, prejudice, discrimination if this is ever identified within the organisation. One of our core values is understanding and acceptance of all individuals and we work actively to promote this through the organisation. 


We need volunteers of all abilities, ages and skill sets. Wether you want to join in on our fundraising, activities or our office, get in touch today.  

Trying to gain work experience? Need a reference for your CV? Here you can get the skills you need but at the same time make a huge difference to someone. 

Our organisation wants to promote equality and diversity. By signing up with us you will be a part of a program that strives to make a positive impact. 


Help us raise money for our charity...

Three young volunteers fundraising

... whilst helping yourself raise your confidence, gain new skills and meet like-minded people. See our upcoming events here.


Student volunteer interview

Widows Empowerment is a great opportunity for students to gain experience and build confidence. Here is an interview with one of our volunteers talking about her volunteer experience. 


We can´t even begin to describe how much our brilliant volunteers mean to us. One of the ways we give back is to award you with a certificate and proof of your volunteering during a ceremony with our Lord Mayor at the end of the year. 

We are always looking for passionate and committed people, and ask two hours a week of your time.