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Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and all those big key dates are perfect excuses to come together for a big celebration. At Widows Empowerment Trust, we believe all people should be included in these important days, and we arrange regular celebrations and events.  

Valentine´s day

volunteer handing elderly lady a gift

Mothers Day

Younger volunteers handing woman gifts

Easter Party

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Community Meals

women gathered around buffet

Christmas Party

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Giving back on Valentine´s Day

Our visit to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

Donating toys at Manchester Royals Childrens Hospital

This year, the Widows Empowerment Trust decided to do something a little bit different for Valentine´s by giving back to the community. We gathered service users and volunteers to visit and donate gifts and toys at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Thank you to everyone who helped us show love where it is most needed and who came down to join for the social gathering afterwards. 

The valentine's day celebration with our widows

The widows empowerment trust  continue their valentine's day celebration after a visit to the Royal Children Hospital Manchester. We  come together to eat and drink then presented our widows  with gift.

this is as part of  the things we do  as Widows Empowerment Trust. 

Gift  presented by the CEO .

Valentine's day celebration 2018

Our goal is to promote social inclusion, and celebrating current and key dates is a big part of this. Check out this video for more information.

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