Like all other elements of The Widows Empowerment Trust, our corporate partners are important to us. No matter how big or small your organisation is, our partnerships help engage your employees and customers to spread awareness about the problems widows and widowers can face. Through corporate partnerships, we are also able to drive donations and brand awareness around our charity, something that is vital for any non-profit organisation. 

We know each company we partner with is unique and has its own brand mission, vision and strategic priorities and this would apply to any brand partnerships you enter, and this would apply for charities as well. That´s why we make sure our partnership is tailor-made to your company. 

Why not choose us as your charity of the year?

A corporate partnership gives your company the opportunity to engage your customers and clients in fundraising activities and opens up for new marketing opportunities in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Our Partnership will also help you reach potential new audiences and generate positive opportunities on a local and national level. By partnering with us you will be working closely with a hands-on registered charity that has a well-established presence in Greater Manchester. 

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Why our organisation needs you

Our work relies on donations from individuals, businesses, trusts and foundations. Part of our work is by public sector funding through WELOVEMCR and Neighbourhood Investment Funding (NIF), but our organisation needs people who are willing to support our work with widows and widowers on a regular basis. 

Major donations

Individual donations, grant-making foundations, trusts and key businesses play a vital role for The Widows Empowerment Trust. Everything we do is only possible because of your generous support. Our work to promote social inclusion and reduce the loneliness widows can face is solely made possible by our supporters and funders, and our annual Christmas party is a great opportunity for networking and meet like-minded philanthropists. 

If you are an individual and you wish to make a major gift, please contact us, so we can guide you through the donation process and make sure you also get the benefits you deserve. 


Manchester University Award 2018 and the formal recognition and gratitude to our partners. 

A generous donation from Tesco

Our partner, Tesco, makes a generous donation of makeup articles to our organisation.


We partner with both Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester University to recruit volunteers.