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Founder & CEO

Oyovwe is the founder and CEO of The Widows Empowerment Trust. She is also the founder of the Christian organisation Glorious Women in Christ (GWIC), where she is one of five board members for charitable work. 

Oyovwe graduated with a B.Sc degree in Chemistry from Delta State University in Nigeria before she migrated to the United Kingdom. In 2009, she obtained M.Sc degree in Environmental Protection at Salford University. After obtaining her degrees in more scientific areas, she realised her passion lies in humanity and care and decided to obtain a degree in Social Care (BA Hons) at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012. 

Whilst being an eager academic, humanitarian and working with vulnerable people in the community here and abroad, she is also married with four children.

Her interest in and compassion for widows stems from her grandmother, which raised Oyowe´s mother as a widow in Nigeria. Coping with psychological, economic, cultural and social challenges and the stigmatisation about widows still present in some cultures, made it difficult for them to cope and survive. Oyovwe promised her mother that when she grew up, she would support and empower widows, and work to change the social stigma around widowhood, and this work turned into The Widows Empowerment Trust. 



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Board Members

Veronica Ndidi Keke

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Board member

Veronica is a passionate and skilful volunteer, who is determined to improve the lives of  those in need of support. After acquiring a Degree from the University of Lagos, she later moved to Italy, where she began to pursue health care. Although she has always been passionate about helping people in need, her particular emphasis on improving the lives of widows started when she lost her dad in 2012. Sadly, Veronica´s mother was a victim of traumatising traditional and cultural abuse associated with widows. This experience had a severe impact on her mother's mental health, and Veronica has been involved in helping widows and widowers ever since.  

Dr. Paul Ojuederie

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Board Member

Dr Ojuederie is eager to use his medical expertise as one of our board members. He graduated from the University of Ibadan in 1977 and then moved on to his postgraduate studies at the Institute of Psychiatry in London and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. After that, he worked in various hospitals in England, Nigeria and Southern Africa. Amongst other things he was seconded to Swaziland Ministry of Health and worked as a psychiatrist for the Aid Corps Programme from 1993 to 2001. Dr Ojuderie is a passionate supporter of several charities and married with four children and grandchildren. 

Morolawun Emmanuel


Board Member

Morolawun (more commonly know as Lawun) is one of our dedicated board members and has a lot of experience in the healthcare sector. She is a retired registered nurse and still has a lot of care to give. She has practised nursing in both Nigeria and in the UK. Her passion lies in helping marginalised members of society, specifically the vulnerable women and the elderly. Lawun loves meeting new people and engaging with both users and volunteers, and she is always eager to help our charity tackle any challenge, and on top of actively volunteering for two charities, she also is a proud and busy grandmother. 

Ejiro Richard Kigho

Volunteer with The Widows Empowerment Trust

Creative programmes and activity manager

Racheal Ododo

Volunteer at The Widows Empowerment Trust.


Dennis Bebo


Website developer and Adviser

Wumi Ajeyi

Engagement Support Officer

Ejiro Rita Igho

Personal Secretary

Donna Bebo

Project and Events Management

Uviavwodo Tony Sagbodje

PR and Advocacy Officer


Josephine Adarode

Regional Operations  Manager