Our story and values

Our history and goals

The Widows Empowerment Trust was founded in January 2017 out of empathy for widows and widowers. The Trust was formed with a goal of empowering widows, promote social inclusion, supporting through grief and to fight isolation. 

 We are guided by a firm belief that our love and empathy can connect us all together despite age, religion, sexual orientation, race or culture. As an NGO and non-profit organisation, The Widows Empowerment Trust is open to people of all faiths, social backgrounds and abilities. We promote social inclusion, diversity and acceptance. 

Support through grief and battling isolation

The death of a loved one and the grieving process is different for everyone, but people who experience loss all have one thing in common: Their world is turned upside down and completely restructured, both emotionally, physically and sometimes economically. 

In the grieving process, it is normal for widows and widowers to withdraw even more from society, and face lonesome days with little support. Their usual habits and patterns seem to be crumbling around them, and life can seem scary and empty. This is where we come in. 

Widows Empowerment Trust wants to build a warm and caring support network around widows and widowers. To build a community where widowers and widows´ feelings and struggles are understood, no matter your age, we want to build a community of people who understand and people who want to help and support each other. 

Every day we aim to fulfil this goal, but we are also delighted that with time, the charity has grown into an institution that equally supports younger generations and aims to connect young with old to learn from each other.

Expansions and international projects

Although our main offices and operations are based in Manchester, we are eager to expand our reach and help people from other parts of the world as well. Hand in hand with dedicated leaders of the Nigerian community, we are working to raise awareness in this part of Africa. In this part of the world, we sadly often see widows suffer from neglect, abuse, isolation, deprivation, discrimination and social exclusion. We are stepping into the front lines to support, empower, educate and protect widows in these countries and to support them in their time of need and grief. 

Our community

We want a world that celebrates support, empathy, compassion, diversity and humanity. We find that educating and raising awareness amongst younger generations, along with supporting and taking time to understand the grieving process and the impact of losing a loved one creates a community that will be a kinder and warmer place for us all. 


Founder and CEO of Widows Empowerment Trust

Founder and CEO

Oyovwe is the founder and CEO of The Widows Empowerment Trust. She is also the founder of the Christian organisation Glorious Women in Christ (GWIC), where she is one of five board members for charitable work. 

Oyowe graduated with a B.SC degree in Chemistry from Delta State University in Nigeria before she migrated to the United Kingdom. In 2009, she obtained M.sc degree in Environmental Protection at Salford University. After obtaining her degrees in more scientific areas, she realised her passion lies in humanity and care and decided to obtain a degree in Social Care (BA Hons) at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012. 

Whilst being an eager academic, humanitarian and working with vulnerable people in the community here and abroad, she is also married with four children.

Her interest in and compassion for widows stems from her grandmother, which raised Oyowe´s mother as a widow in Nigeria. Coping with psychological, economic, cultural and social challenges and the stigmatisation about widows still present in some cultures, made it difficult for them to cope and survive. Oyovwe promised her mother that when she grew up, she would support and empower widows, and work to change the social stigma around widowhood, and this work turned into The Widows Empowerment Trust. 





Board Members

Veronica Ndidi Keke Board member

Veronica had a diploma degree at the university of Lagos where she studied Computer systems Analyst. She worked as a computer analyst with Contract Market Services. Veronica relocated to Italy to join her husband in 2001. She pursued a career in the health sector and did  one year course in Operatorio Socio Sanitario. She worked and supported vulnerable individuals with disability in the community for 4 years. In 2012, Veronica and her family relocated to UK. Due to her passion and empathy in support, she pursue a career in health sector, supporting individual in the community to able to live independently in the community. In 2012, Veronica lost her dad. Her widowed mother passed through rigorous traditional and cultural abuse, confined to a room outside the family house for seven days, dressed in black with her hair left unkempt and not allowed to bathe. This traumatising experience impacted her mother's mental health. The Widows Empowerment Trust is a dream come true for Veronica, so she can  fulfil her passion and empathy for widows in the society to feel love and value.  

Dr Paul Ojuederie Board Member

Dr Ojuederie  attended primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Qualified as a medical doctor from the University of Ibadan in June 1977.He did his postgraduate studies at the institute of psychiatry, London and the Liverpool school of tropical medicine and hygiene. He worked in various hospitals in England, Nigeria and southern Africa. He was seconded to Swaziland ministry of health, as a medical officer/psychiatrist by the federal government of Nigeria in 1993 under the technical Aid Corps Programme for two years but stayed on until the year 2001.Dr Ojuederie retired as a chief medical officer in 1997 from the delta state of Nigeria hospital management board, Warri. He is a supporter of world cancer research fund, leprosy mission, age UK, Alzheimer’s society, and CAFOD. He is a member of the society of the little flower and chairman of the delta state of Nigeria community of Manchester and greater Manchester.

Dr Ojuederie is happily married to his wife, Julie (RGN) and they are blessed with four(4)children and grandchildren.

​Keen to use his medical expertise and experience as a board member of Widows Empowerment to support and empower widows.

Kubirate Adima Board Member

Kuburat's professional experience spans across the public sector, not-for-profit organisations and private sectors. Kuburat is married with children. She holds her first degree in Computer Science and Master Degree in Management & Information Systems : Change and Development.

Kuburat has been involved in many community activities both here in the UK, Europe and in Africa where she has been supporting  the less priviledge and being a voice for women, this has contributed to Kuburat being an inspiration to many women out there. Kuburat is very passionate about giving back to the community, her working closing with vulnerable people has developed high level of empathy and compassion.

In her spare time, Kuburat is a food consultant, event planner, food stylist & photographer,.

Heather Bentley coordinator Manager

Ejiro Richard Kigho

Creative/Programme filed  manager

Racheal Ododo Administrator


Dennis Bebo

​Website developer and Adviser

Wumi Ajeyi

Supporter Engagement officer

 Ejiro Rita  igho

​Personal secretary

Uviavwodo Tony Sagbodje

PR and Advocacy Officer


Donna Bebo

​Project Cordinator Manager 

Josephine  Adarode

Operations Regional Manager 


Edirin Fibi Abass Abudu ​Supporter Engagement Officer

Oyovwe Agatha Kigho Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Veronica Ndidi Keke Board member